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After her son’s tragic death, a former cop discovers his dangerous secret life—and picks up where he left off . . .


Former police officer Emma Raven has a heartbreaking task ahead of her: gathering her late son’s possessions from his Cambridge college.


His death was deemed a suicide. But once she enters Paul’s room accompanied by his director of studies, Colin Gormley, and finds it’s been ransacked, she’s troubled. When this is followed by attacks against both Emma and Colin, the two flee.


But the danger doesn’t stop there.


Before long, the grieving mother is entangled in a deadly mystery that puts her right in the line of fire . . .

'It's exciting and intriguing and I simply loved this detective novel' - Bits Abut Books
'Compulsive reading...richly enjoyable.'- The Independent
'A suspenseful mystery full of misdirection and terror' - Publishers Weekly

'A talent to be reckoned with … A strong story line, muscular prose and a real sense of pace; this is a police procedural for a new age' - Daily Mail
'A blend of pulse-pounding police procedural and horror-nuanced suspense' - Chicago Tribune



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