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An elderly woman is found dead, her death peaceful but unexpected. Days later, a middle aged former television journalist dies in a similar manner. Both deaths prove to be murder, but with no obvious links between the two victims. When a former neurologist is also found murdered, it appears that DCI Kenny Murrain is dealing with a random multiple killer.


Murrain, meanwhile, is still dealing with the tragic fallout from his previous case, struggling to hold together a team which is fragmenting by the day. His problems deepen when a key member of the team is accused of leaking information to the media.


When further murders occur among patients in a local hospital, Murrain begins to suspect that the killings are less random than they appear, and that he and his team may be in the killer's sights. With the death count rising, Murrain realises he has no choice but to seek out the murderer face to face…

'It's exciting and intriguing and I simply loved this detective novel' - Bits Abut Books
'Compulsive reading...richly enjoyable.'- The Independent
'A suspenseful mystery full of misdirection and terror' - Publishers Weekly

'A talent to be reckoned with … A strong story line, muscular prose and a real sense of pace; this is a police procedural for a new age' - Daily Mail
'A blend of pulse-pounding police procedural and horror-nuanced suspense' - Chicago Tribune




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